Friday, 6 July 2018

Kiwi kids news

christchurch Mall, The Hub Hornby,was the first shopping centre in the country to allow customers to bring their pets shopping from 6pm to 9pm last Thursday.
Now, the centre plans to make it a regular occasion, with one more event in June planned and maybe even more after that.
Around 100 dogs, a few cats, rabbits and rats were at the opening.
There were a few “wee” accidents, but there was a dedicated cleaner on standby.
The practice of animals accompanying shoppers is fairly common across the world, but up until now, New Zealand shopping centres only allowed certified service animals inside.

Hi today we where doing kiwi kids news. So I have bean learning about the Hub Hornby.
I enjoyed reading the hub hornby book and the hard challenge was finding the right thing for me because I wanted it to be perfect. Next time I will do something different like read another book.